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4: Coping With This Pressure-Cooker World

Our guest on this episode is Adiasha Richards-Thornhill. She is a proud Trinidadian. She is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and the owner of Growth and Transitions Counseling located in Queens NY. Her career spans a decade, and she is passionate about therapy that is deep, and aimed at healing the wounds beneath the surface. […]

3: It Comes From Passion

Our guest in this episode is Donna Every. Donna is the author of three inspirational books “What Do You Have in Your House? Surviving in Times of Financial Crisis”, “The Promise Keeper” and “Arise and Shine” as well as an entrepreneurship book “The ABCs of Entrepreneurship – Tessa Takes the Challenge”. Her articles have been […]

2: Burnt Out Is Not The End

Julie Turney is a heart centric and people-focused HR Professional with over 15 years of experience in the field. She is the brainchild of HR@Heart Consulting Inc. a coaching firm she created after her second bout of HR burnout to help HR professionals to build their resilience agility while providing a safe place to recharge. […]

1: Interviewing Christal Austin – Staying Young

OUR GUEST Christal P. Austin, Pg. Dip., BSc. is a trusted public relations advisor with over 18 years of experience in the tourism, finance, agriculture and international development sectors. She is presently employed as a Senior Public Affairs Officer – Media Relations in the Ministry of Home Affairs, Information and Public Affairs. An avid creative, […]

2: Stop Undervaluing Your Talents

This episode looks at the way that we see our talents and the value we place on what we can contribute to our organizations and the world around us. It draws on a blog post in Showcasing the Success Journey and suggests steps that you can take to shift the way you see your own […]

1: Coping With Uncertainty

Most people are stressed out by uncertainty. The challenge also seems to be that many people seem to think that it is only happening to them. It is not. It happens and it is perfectly natural. In this episode I discuss three suggestions that can help you to cope better as you keep moving forward. [...]

6: The Reluctant Marketer Series – Marketing Tip #5

There is a very appropriate saying in marketing. Find your tribe and love them hard. For organizations managers need to be clear about who your customers are and you need to fully understand what they are seeking to achieve by purchasing your product or service. Developing this level of awareness allows you to provide a […]

5: The Reluctant Marketer Series – Marketing Tip #4

Marketing is a holistic concept. To be successful an organization needs to think beyond advertising and promotion. Think also about the systems, structures and process. Two concepts to consider: The Service Triangle The Touchpoints With Customers

4: The Reluctant Marketer Series – Marketing Tip #3

Marketing Tip #3 Sell without selling. Public Relations has an amazing return on investment for organizations which choose to employ it. There are easy options for any budget when it comes to PR. You can practice Corporate Social Responsibility at any scale.

3: The Reluctant Marketer Series – Marketing Tip #2

Marketing Tip #2 A little controversy can build some great awareness. We all need to learn how to use it to our advantage.

2: The Reluctant Marketer Series – Marketing Tip #1

If you sling enough mud against the wall, some of it is bound to stick.

1: The Reluctant Marketer Series – Intro

I have recorded a series of videos about marketing drawn from my experiences over the years. I have decided to take that information as part of this podcast. This is the introduction to the series.

1: Meet The Author – Donna Every (A LinkedIn Local Barbados Online Event)

This is a recording of the LinkedIn Local Barbados Online Event featuring a discussion with Author Donna Every. In this episode she discusses her journey from being a business professional and employee to where she is now, being a full-time author and entrepreneur. She emphasizes the attention that creative entrepreneurs should pay to the business […]

2: Refuel and Re-Engage With Sonia (A LinkedIn Local Barbados Online Event)

This is the audio recording from Refuel and Re-Engage With Sonia, the LinkedIn Local Barbados Online Event from June 4, 2020. It includes a discussion between Marjorie Wharton, Host for LinkedIn Local Barbados and Sonia Layne-Gartside, Coach, Master Trainer and Organizational Change Management Specialist. Their conversation centered around Sonia’s book Workplace Anxiety: How To Refuel […]

5: Getting The Most Out Of Your Day – Some Free Advice

People always ask me for tips on how to get things done. Not because I am so organized but because they are so stressed. Everyone keeps hoping for the magic pill that is going to help them to be able to get everything done but we have not found one yet. In this episode we […]

4: 4 Communication Keys for the Effective Leader – Some Free Advice

Throughout my career I have found that most organizations, regardless of their size, location or industry, and regardless of whether they are private or public sector, all tend to have one problem in common. That problem is communication. Therefore the one thing that any leader can do to improve their effectiveness is to become better […]

3: Engaging Employees for Greater Productivity – Some Free Advice

Most CEOs and Business Owners have a problem. They are trying to figure out what it takes to get their supervisors and managers to be better in their roles. This episode offers some free advice to help senior managers and owners address this problem. We address four areas: Creating Ownership and Empowerment Building the Potential […]

2: For New Managers – Some Free Advice

People often assume that managers are the problem in organizations until they become one. Then they realize that they really are not mentally prepared for the role they are being asked to fill. This episode offers some insight into four areas: The change in focus. The emotional toll. The Impostor Syndrome. The positive send off. […]

1: LinkedIn Basics – Some Free Advice

In this episode we talk about some key areas that can cause you to be ignored on the biggest professional networking platform in the world, LinkedIn. We look at how you use: Your Photo Your Profile Connections Advice on posting content As always our goal is to help you improve your performance and achieve the […]

Episode 6: Faith AND Fear

It would be nice if we always had faith in our abilities but often we don’t. I am rallying everyone who, like me, needs to take action in spite of our fears.

Episode 5: It’s better to be gutsy than good.

Four lessons I learned from the book entitled “Why Good Girls Don’t Get Ahead But Gutsy Girls Do” by Kate White. This is an audio version of a blog post on Showcasing the Success Journey.

Episode 4: Are you feeling tired?

Have you ever had those moments when you are feeling drained and like all your efforts are failing? Well, you are not alone.

Episode 3: Dealing with the blues

Some days we get the blues

Episode 2 – Mindset matters.

Our thoughts create our reality. Therefore whether or not we succeed in life depends on the thoughts that we have most consistently running through our minds. Change your thoughts and you change the world.

Episode 1: Introducing Marjorie

Introducing Marjorie and talking a little about why I am doing this. My name is Marjorie Wharton and I am a coach, trainer and facilitator. My goal is to help people get their stuff done. I work with individuals and organizations to help them achieve the results they want. Thank you for subscribing and thank […]