Bridging the knowing-doing gap.

“Marjorie is great at asking incisive questions that help you to see things differently. Two sessions and I am moving forward with a renewed confidence and more clarity on how to act in difficult situations. She is a great investment for my business and me.”  – S. Layne-Gartside, Pittsburgh, USA


“I had no real concept of how coaching worked,  but knew I needed guidance towards  my career path.  From our very first encounter Marjorie really made me think about what I wanted to do, structuring my goals in a way that I never thought of before” – Stacy S., Antigua


“Ms. Wharton has been a motivator. She was able to encourage me and provide guidance in a way which ensured that I would learn from my encounters with her.” – John M., Grenada.


“I will continue to recommend Marjorie as a coach as she has helped me to become a better me by helping me see things in my life that I didn’t even know existed, where I was able to improve on and develop them where necessary.” – Melissa Gittens, Barbados


“The patient and reflective manner in which Marjorie approached our sessions (over 6 months) was an essential element of our successful professional virtual exchanges. Marjorie gave me a fresh perspective on my achievements, professional future and how I could expand my contribution. Her unique insight, professionalism and adaptability allowed me to place confidence in her ability to assist me in charting the path to my new professional vision.” – Dr. Jo-Ann Trotman Waterman, Barbados


“Marjorie was able to help me identify the core of an issue I’ve had for my whole life and we were able to come up with workable action plans to manage said issue. Marjorie is adept at identifying what methods work best with each individual, and helping one to forge your own individualised path to success.”  – Kristina Quinlan, Barbados


“Marjorie is skilled at forwarding the action, achieving a robust session in a short period of time, and reflecting back comments in a powerful way that lead to further reflections.” – Nicole H., New Jersey, USA


Management Team Cohesion Programme

This programme helps your management team to develop standards for how they will work collectively to run the organization.  It will help the team to agree on the organization’s values and then develop the practices that will be put in place to allow them to standardize how they run the organization.  The team will also be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the members and learn how individual preferences influence their ability to be effective.

This is a customized initiative that is designed to meet the needs of the specific organization.

Management Team Cohesion
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Management Development Programme

This programme is designed to help the organization’s managers build the skills to be more effective as leaders. This ensures that they develop the ability to:

  • Think strategically
  • Competently manage their teams
  • Communicate effectively
  • Be proactive
  • Take responsibility for achieving objectives

Strategic Implementation Programme

Some organizations may already have a clear idea of what they want to accomplish but no track record for successfully implementing change.  This programme pairs a consultant with the management team to work through specifics for implementing the plan over an agreed period of time.

This initiative is customized to meet the needs of the client.

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Strategic Plan Development

This is a facilitation service where a consultant works with the organization to develop its strategic plan. These initiatives can range from two days to two months depending on the specific needs of the client. By completion the client will have:

  • A vision statement
  • An environmental analysis
  • Strategic objectives
  • Strategies
  • Action plans