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Our programmes are designed to produce results. The process starts with a consultation coaching session to understand the problem or situation that is to be addressed. This also includes a discussion to clarify the  leadership’s desired outcomes.  This GEAR UP phase of the process develops a plan for the client with specific actions which they can go ahead and implement on their own or work with us to roll out.

This is a collaborative process that focuses on helping the client make the changes they need to achieve the results they want. Most organizations have people, systems and processes that work flawlessly, some that need improvement and others that need to be removed. Our process identifies which is which and gives the leadership specific steps that they can take to move forward and continue achieving the success that they want.

Level 1 – Assessing The Situation

To understand why an organization is not achieving the results that are expected, there generally needs to be an investigation.  Unfortunately, most times, people assume that they already know the answer.  Oftentimes, they also assume that the situation is much worst than it is in reality.  The best organizations are those where the leadership is genuinely interested in understanding the problem and open to the possibilities of what might be required in order to fix it.  Our assessments can include an examination of individual behaviour, team dynamics, systems and processes, customer perception, employee satisfaction or performance in the market.


In trying to identify the issues that have an impact on an organization’s performance, it is important to examine the attitudes, perception and level of satisfaction of the employees and the customers. It is also important to identify any issues in teamwork that can have an impact on effectiveness.

Systems and Processes

The majority of issues in organizations are driven by the quality of the systems and processes that exist. It is not simply a matter of trying to change the people or get them to be more motivated or more engaged. To create an enabling environment that makes it possible for employees to do their jobs well and serve customers adequately, there need to be effective and efficient processes.

Level 2 – Developing and Implementing Solutions

At the second phase of our performance improvement process, we develop and implement the solutions that will best address the issues identified for the organization.  This can include, a redesign and improvement of processes or systems.  It can also include training to build specific capabilities or to improve leadership and management skills within the organization.

The initiatives at this stage of the process are customized to meet the specific needs of the organization.  They are built on the fact that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to being effective whether at the organizational level of at an individual level.

The Mindset for Organizational Success Programme

This programme is designed to help employees understand themselves and each other. It builds a shared consensus on what it takes for the organization to be successful. Participants begin exploring the strengths that each bring to the table. We also explore the self limiting beliefs of the group, identify what is possible and develop three (3) specific goals for attainment over six months.

Organizational leaders / business owners share their vision and discuss with staff what is understood and the role they envision playing in making it happen.

Building a Culture of Success

This programme is focused on impacting the organization’s culture.  It helps participants to see themselves more clearly and to develop the ability to think strategically about the organization and the role that they play in making it successful.  It is designed to help the members of the team improve their ability to communicate effectively and manage others so that they feel engaged and energized to achieve their goals and objectives

The programme includes three (3) days of training on thinking strategically, communicating effectively and managing people well. The team then works with the facilitator over a six month period to achieve the goals they have identified.

Level 3 – Executive Coaching, Performance Improvement and Consulting

The Executive Coaching Programme

This programme is designed for senior managers who are looking for an experienced coach to support and challenge them to achieve the level of performance they envision for themselves. This programme generally starts with an initial discussion between the coach and the client to agree on the objectives to be achieved, the process to be followed and the expectations that each person has of the other.

Clients and coach will also agree on the best method for their sessions, whether face to face or via distance.  They will also agree on frequency.  Clients will generally be expected to complete a few assessments to help the coach to have a starting point for their discussions.

Clients and coach will sign their agreement and their collaboration begins. The programme will generally run for six (6) months.

For clients who prefer face to face sessions which require the coach to travel, the expenses associated with travel and accommodation will be added to the cost of the programme.

Building High Performance Teams Programme

As a level 3 programme, these activities generally include training, assessments and group or individual coaching as determined by the facilitators and agreed with the organization.

These programmes are designed to help a team improve its cohesion and its ability to work together more effectively. The information from the assessments help team members to understand both the individual behavior in the team as well as the collective.  These programmes will generally include:

  • An initial session to clarify the outcomes that the organization want to achieve.  At this point the client and the facilitators will also agree on the format that the programme will follow and agree the assessments to be completed.
  • Once participants have completed the assessments, a group session will be conducted to share feedback and implications of results. Participants will also have the opportunity to explore how they can use this information to become more effective at achieving their objectives.
  • By the end of the session participants and the facilitators will agree on the way forward and the next steps.

Customized Training Programmes

In addition to the programmes that are listed on this page, Breakthrough Performance Coaching is available to design programmes that are specifically tailored to the needs of a client.  Therefore prospective or existing clients should feel free to contact us if the information provided here does not precisely meet your requirements.

Call us to discuss options for achieving the results you want.