Get the help you need to achieve the results you want.

“Marjorie is great at asking incisive questions that help you to see things differently. Two sessions and I am moving forward with a renewed confidence and more clarity on how to act in difficult situations. She is a great investment for my business and me.”  – S. Layne-Gartside, Pittsburgh, USA


“I had no real concept of how coaching worked,  but knew I needed guidance towards  my career path.  From our very first encounter Marjorie really made me think about what I wanted to do, structuring my goals in a way that I never thought of before” – Stacy S., Antigua


“Ms. Wharton has been a motivator. She was able to encourage me and provide guidance in a way which ensured that I would learn from my encounters with her.” – John M., Grenada.


“I will continue to recommend Marjorie as a coach as she has helped me to become a better me by helping me see things in my life that I didn’t even know existed, where I was able to improve on and develop them where necessary.” – Melissa Gittens, Barbados


“The patient and reflective manner in which Marjorie approached our sessions (over 6 months) was an essential element of our successful professional virtual exchanges. Marjorie gave me a fresh perspective on my achievements, professional future and how I could expand my contribution. Her unique insight, professionalism and adaptability allowed me to place confidence in her ability to assist me in charting the path to my new professional vision.” – Dr. Jo-Ann Trotman Waterman, Barbados


“Marjorie was able to help me identify the core of an issue I’ve had for my whole life and we were able to come up with workable action plans to manage said issue. Marjorie is adept at identifying what methods work best with each individual, and helping one to forge your own individualised path to success.”  – Kristina Quinlan, Barbados


“Marjorie is skilled at forwarding the action, achieving a robust session in a short period of time, and reflecting back comments in a powerful way that lead to further reflections.” – Nicole H., New Jersey, USA


Getting Unstuck Sessions – 60 minutes long

Are you stuck trying to make a big decision? Have you been feeling like you need help to become a better manager? Do you want guidance on how to better manage your direct reports? Do you feel like you are a repeat procrastinator who cannot get things done?  I would love to help you get out of that feeling of being stuck.  Book a session with me to discuss your options and get support as you evaluate each one and arrive at a decision on how to move forward.

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Strategy Discussion Call

Strategy Discussion Calls – 4 Hour Long Sessions

These sessions are perfect for entrepreneurs who want to look at a business issue and outline a strategy for tackling it. It answers 3 strategic questions of where we are now, where we want to be and how we will get there. We’ll look at the internal and external organizational environments and identify strengths that you can use, weak areas that you need to improve, opportunities that you can benefit from, and threats that could cause trouble. You will also identify a vision that you and the organization will reach. The final step will help identify the actions for achieving the desired outcome.

The Breakthrough Programme – 4 1 hr Coaching Sessions

The Breakthrough Programme provides an opportunity for you to engage in discussions that are designed to help you clarify your vision, shift your perspective, agree on a way forward and start taking the actions necessary to make your dream a reality. The programme is based on the principle that people generally know what they want to do but may sometimes get stuck trying to decide between difficult options. Sessions take place once every three (3) weeks with you working on specific improvement tasks between sessions. The programmes span a 12 week period in total.

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The High Performance Coaching Programme – 8 Coaching Sessions (1 ½ hours each)

This coaching service is suitable by new CEOs who want to clarify their objectives, become more strategic, and learn to deliver the results they agreed on. It includes eight (8) sessions which take place every two weeks over a four (4) month period. Each session runs for 90 minutes. This programme also helps CEOs to improve their communication skills and their effectiveness in leading and managing their teams.