Our guest on this episode is Adiasha Richards-Thornhill. She is a proud Trinidadian. She is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and the owner of Growth and Transitions Counseling located in Queens NY.

Her career spans a decade, and she is passionate about therapy that is deep, and aimed at healing the wounds beneath the surface. She works primarily with women to help them work through their trauma, heal from past wounds, and grow the skills needed to move out of surviving and into a life of full living.

She states “Everyone is talking about doing the work, finding inner peace, posting positive quotes, but What the Hell is that? How do you do the work?”

She is not just a therapist but also the Director of her private practice which has a team of licensed therapists that serve a wide demographic of people. She supervises interns, coaches aspiring clinicians, speaks at engagements and creates workshops.

Being from the Caribbean, she is also passionate about connecting with the community, reducing stigma and increasing the understanding and practice of mental wellness in the Caribbean community.

In this episode Adiasha discusses her motivation for choosing her field, some of the lessons she learnt along the way and her hope for how mental wellness issues are viewed especially in the Caribbean.