Our guest in this episode is Donna Every. Donna is the author of three inspirational books “What Do You Have in Your House? Surviving in Times of Financial Crisis”, “The Promise Keeper” and “Arise and Shine” as well as an entrepreneurship book “The ABCs of Entrepreneurship – Tessa Takes the Challenge”. Her articles have been published in numerous online newsletters and business websites. She was featured on the cover of Personal Excellence magazine for her article “Beating the Economy” based on her first book.

While her background is in business and finance, she discovered a love for writing a few years ago and enjoys the challenge of creating page turning books combining business and romance and now history and romance.

She has written eight novels “The Merger Mogul”, “The High Road” , the page turning historical romance, “The Price of Freedom”, her sweet rock star romance, “What Now?”, “Free in the City”, the exciting sequel to “The Price of Freedom”, the third book in the Acreage Series “Free At Last”, “Vaucluse” her new venture into fictionalized history and now her fourth book in The Acreage Series “Return to The Acreage”.

Donna talks about her journey to becoming and author, the challenges that women in leadership sometimes face and her plans to for broadening what she is offering to the public.

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