Achieve the results you want.


Achieve a short term goal and a big, audacious goal in six months while learning about your strengths and how they enable your success.

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Develop a shared organizational mindset for achieving the success you want in your business.

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Are you tired of feeling stressed out and frustrated?

Here's How We Can Help

It is not true that there are people in the world who exist just to work your last nerve; it only seems that way. We understand how interacting with people who see things differently can leave you feeling drained, frustrated and powerless.  Sometimes you worry that there is something wrong with you and how you think.

First step, stop wasting time wishing that people and circumstances were different and get to work figuring how to succeed in spite of them.  Next step, stop thinking that you have to get all the answers on your own. Let us help you to feel energized and empowered while working to achieve the results you want.

Start with our GEAR UP package to get insight into your strengths and how they enable your success. From there you choose how to use the next 6 months to achieve you top two goals.

Here’s what some of our clients had to say.

“Ms. Wharton has been a motivator. She was able to encourage me and provide guidance in a way which ensured that I would learn from my encounters with her. Her questions enabled me to probe further before making decisions. I was therefore able to recognize the possible flaws in my decisions rather than get direct inputs from her. This platform gives me the assurance that I can make it when she is no longer available.” – John M, Grenada.

“Each session was relaxed, insightful, practical and fun. Marjorie is great at asking incisive questions that help you to see things differently. Two sessions and I am moving forward with a renewed confidence and more clarity on how to act in difficult situations. She is a great investment for my business and me. I would highly recommend Marjorie as a coach if you want to accomplish your goals, improve the momentum in your life and increase your productivity.”  – S. Layne-Gartside, Pittsburgh, USA

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